7 tips to write a Quarterly Client Report

To inform your clients, odds are that at the end of a calendar quarter, you have to write a report about what happened in the past few months and what will likely happen in the coming months.

OpinioPro.com daily publishes outlooks, market previews and reviews of more than 50 International asset managers. Some of the topics discussed are international macro and political developments, central bank policy, market reviews, previews and asset allocation reports.

These reports, only this year we already published more than a 1000 (!!!), are an excellent source of inspiration for your quarterly reports.

Here are 7 tips & tricks to tap into this wealth of information:

  1. All the monthly and quarterly outlooks of the past quarter.
  2. JPMorgan publishes a monthly Market Review with the performances of a wide variety of asset classes.
  3. For a review of international Macro developments check out the “Macro Weekly” of AbnAmro
  4. Interested in the latest asset allocation decisions of asset managers? With the “Asset Allocation Consensus” there is no need to go through every report of the individual asset managers. Alpha Research already did it for you!
  5. And of course, you would like to write something about central bank policy. Here you can read all about the actions of the ECB and the FED in the past months.
  6. We do not dare to leave Brexit undiscussed. Here is the combined “Brexit” knowledge.
  7. Anything we left unspoken? Look it up yourself with the powerful OpinioPro search functionality.

And remember, OpinioPro.com is free to use for Investment professionals! Sign Up to make full use of the functionality.

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