Seven Research Reports you don’t want to miss

  1. Since everyone has an opinion about Brexit “after the fact” we give credit for the Brexit topic to Robeco, which after all also had an opinion before the referendum. And we leave it at that. For those wanting more, search for Brexit and you will get more than you can read.
  2. Pimco gives us the highlights of the annual advisory board meeting, with big names like Ben Bernanke, Gordon Brown and Ng Cook Song. They focus on how the global economy and financial markets will develop in the next three to five years.
  3. State Street Global Advisors looks ahead in its Global Outlook. And the big question is of course what the economy and the markets will do in H2 2016. Who doesn’t?
  4. In Professional Investor Views for 2016 Pioneer show that Capital Protection still the top priority for professional investors, followed by generating Alpha.
  5. Capital Group looks ahead to H2 2016. Conclusion: Potential opportunity will likely arise for disciplined, active investors who can look past the near-term macroeconomic clouds toward individual companies with bright prospects.
  6. Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and fixed income investing“. In the first of a two part series, ESG specialist My-Linh Ngo explores the concept of incorporating ESG into fixed income investing
  7. In the biannual update KKR maintains its view that it is an “Adult Swim Only” investment environment, as they see more asynchronous growth ahead. Private Credit and Private Equity are considered promising.

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