Seven Research Reports you don’t want to miss #8

After two slow weeks, with a lot of public holidays and excellent summer weather, we are back with some interesting research reports that you do not want to miss.

  1. Blackrock is signalling an EM sweet spot. With a weakening U.S. dollar, a rebound in commodity prices and a recovering Chinese economy headwinds are abating for this asset class. But no reason to get too excited. Structural reforms addressing excess debt, industrial overcapacity and low corporate profitability are still necessary
  2. Actiam presented its investment vision and implications for asset allocation. The biggest change is the new overweight position in Emerging Markets. From -0,5% they add to +2% for this category.
  3. Janus posted a Barron’s interview with Bill Gross. In this interview Gross lectures that an investor, like a golfer, should not change strategy when he is down one with two holes to play; do not panic, just play your game!
  4. UBS is Meeting the challenge of negative rates. One of the recommended measures is the “Endowment approach”. Allocate a higher proportion of portfolio assets to illiquid alternative asset classes, including hedge funds, private equity, private debt, and real assets
  5. In May 2016 Barometer “Rally has further to go”, Pictet explains their current asset allocation. They stick to their overweight stance on equities and remain underweight bonds as monetary stimulus should underpin economic growth.
  6. Vontobel delves into the subject of negative interest rates. From “How did we get here?”, their “…best defence against low interest rates” to the impact on asset allocation. Read all about it in Investors’ Outlook – May 2016.
  7. And what would a “Seven Research Reports you don’t want to miss” blog be without a reference to the coming Brexit referendum? Read all about phone polls and betting markets. AXA is checking the British pulse in “Brexit Update
  8. Weekly Roundup OpinioPro

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