Seven Research Reports you don’t want to miss #7

Here are the seven featured research reports of this week. We accumulated reports with a broad range of interests. NIRP, behavioural finance, China, FX, Endowments and portfolio construction. This and much more can be found on OpinioPro.

  1. In “Is your portfolio ready for turbulence?” Blackrock is making a case for strategies that manage downside volatility. Even at the cost of giving up some gains (less upside in up markets), they have historically been additive.
  2. Is it time to revisit Chinese stocks?. Source is noticing that “there currently seems little enthusiasm for Chinese stocks among either foreign or domestic investors…”. But maybe this signals a buying opportunity?
  3. Research Affiliates explains why “negative rates are dangerous to your wealth”. Because starting yields predict future investment returns, hence negative real interest rates predict negative real returns.
  4. Do you need an update on Behavioural finance? In “from behavioural bias to rational investing” Northern Trust take a look at some biases that can meaningfully affect investment outcomes. But also the counter measures to mitigate these effects are covered.
  5. AXA is making it pretty clear: “Short euro and yen: we shall not surrender”. They note that Euro and yen keep appreciating against the US$ but they (still) believe this trend will reverse because of monetary and fundamental divergences.
  6. This is a nice phrase to start an annual report: “With annual net ten-year investment returns of 10.0%, the Endowment’s performance exceeded its benchmark and outpaced institutional fund indices”. Read all about it in The Yale Endowment 2015
  7. Deutsche Asset Management is taking a look at Negative interest rates and the Economic consequences and side effects in their April CIO View.

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