High Performing Investment Teams vs OpinioPro

High Performing Investment Teams is a must for every investor. Of course there are super investors, but often a team is behind these top performances. With the subtitle How to Achieve Best Practices of Top Firms, this book clearly indicates what it is about. Namely, how teams can get optimal performance and successful. The fact that there are five writers related to this theme already indicates this, you often do not get successful on your own.

The heart of the book is to communicate clear and bright. This looks like a cliché, but with the help of  examples from practice the reader is given insights in the different aspects of miscommunication with the means of actual attended meetings. Where the lack of integrity is often referred to as the main source for the credit crisis, which is another component.

The argument is clear: Meetings should be about arguments, not about your opinion. That is what the five authors keep repeating. Support your case with arguments, statistics and remove any trivialising counterarguments to belittle your colleagues or put them in a corner.

If successful teams develop themselves based on the principles of the book High Performing Investment Teams then gaps are not created if a colleague switches to another team. If an asset manager starts to get a high job-hop frequency, then this should be the reason to analyse the culture and see what could be done better.

Finding good arguments to support your own specific case will always be important. It is therefore useful to have a good database, on which every investment case can rely.

 OpinioPro vs High Performing Investment Teams

If it involves Brexit, then OpinioPro is up to date to find arguments. Currently, Brexit is the topic with one of the most publications in the past weeks, but it is also the topic that is read about the most. The large number of publications of known and lesser known parties form a good insight to support your case.

And Brexit is only one subject, but also when it comes to asset allocation, Smart beta or Quantitative Easing, you can find it all at OpinioPro.

OpinioPro has currently over 2,500 investment research reports on these four subjects at its platform. The best ‘research engine’ is now available without registration at www.opiniopro.com



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