Red Notice vs OpinioPro

Red Notice by Hedge Fund manager Bill Browder has a unique structure. The book starts with the story of a young American who was bullied, did not want to go to college and at the end of high school frustrated his parents by saying he wanted to become a capitalist.

When he did decide to go to college he was confronted with several rejections because his grandfather had been a communist. It might be that this false start was the inspiration to do what he wanted to do: being a pioneer in Eastern Europe. In the 90s nobody wanted to go to Eastern Europe to help the countries who were no longer communist. Bill Browder saw opportunities as a consultant: he switched from giving non-binding advice to being a starting investor who needed to make performance in Eastern European stocks. He established Hermitage Capital, which became a very successful hedge fund. Actually, it became too successful in the country of Putin.

The reason why this book is so very unique shows in the last part. The ‘drive’ to earn money in Russia was very big, but this cost Browder his first marriage. He lost his colleague, who was also his friend, as well. The book shows Bill Browder’s vision on a Russia that is so very different than our western society. The life of Browder has completely turned now; he is no longer a hedge fund manager, he has become a human rights activist and ‘Putin’s No 1 Enemy’ (as he calls himself).

OpinioPro vs Red Notice

Browder needed information to select good, but above all, cheap companies as a hedge fund manager. He needed patience as well, patience to keep searching and patience when buying. Browder did not have Google, it did not exist yet, and he wanted to verify his data with multiple sources. This is exactly what OpinioPro does: you can find information about, for example, Emerging Markets by several sources. The research platform has over 50 asset managers, so you can check out a wide range of subjects. And this is so much faster than the way Bill Browder was able to do it in Russia in the 90s.

However, it is possible to search for only ‘expected returns’ as well and find the most recent reports by experts in this area. The best ‘research engine’ is now available without registration at

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