Save Queries and set e-mail Alerts

A great way to never miss a research report of your interest is to save a query and set an e-mail alert.

Save a Query

If you are satisfied with a certain query you can save the query for future use with the purple “Save Query” button at the bottom of the search block. By means of a pop up window you will be asked to give the query a name. Your query will appear in the “Saved Queries” drop down box (left hand top menu).

save query knop
Save Query Button
menu saved queries
Top Menu : Saved Queries

Manage Saved Queries

Saved Queries can be managed through the “Manage Queries” option, which can be found at the bottom of the “Saved Queries” dropdown box. In this menu you can give the Query another name and delete the query.

Set E-mail Alerts

You can set an alert for any query by clicking the “receive notification” box in the “Manage Queries” Menu. Twice a day e-mail alerts are sent, but only if the query returns a result for newly published research reports.

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